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Happy Bird Solar Sipper Parts only – Order Form

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Stock # UPC Code Description List Price  S&H* Total  Qty  Total
STD SS 10007 Wild Bird– Maxpower Solar Sipper®Includes Solar Black footed base and Solar Black top
DLX SS 10008 Wild Bird– Deluxe Solar Sipper® Includes Wild Berry footed base and Solar Black top
STD PET SIPPER 10011 Pet Solar Sipper® black – 4″ dia hole, translucent top
DLX PET SIPPER 10012 Pet Solar Sipper® red – 4″ dia hole, translucent top
SUPER SOLAR SIPPER 10040 Wild Bird – Super Solar Sipper® Includes translucent (white) top and bowl, footed base
Blue Solar Sipper 10003 All Season wild bird Garden Blue Solar Sipper with Garden blue footed base and translucent top.
Blue with Bracket 10014 Garden Blue Solar Sipper (see description above item: 10003) with Bracket (10004)

Parts for Solar Sippers
Note that the tops intended for bird use have a smaller opening than the tops intended for wild animal / pet use.

Stock # UPC Code Description List Price  S&H* Total  Qty  Total
BKT 10004 Mounting Bracket fits 10007, 10008, 10040 $16.95 $10.00 $26.95
TOP 10021 Solar Top (black) for Wild Birds – 1 1/2″ hole, fits 10007, 10008 $9.95 $5.00 $14.95
TOP 10022 Solar Top (white) for small animals, 4″ hole, to convert 10007, 10008 $13.95 $5.00 $18.95
TOP 10026 Solar top for wild birds, replaces top for 10040 $9.95 $5.00 $14.95
OUTER CUP 10023 Solar black outer cup, replacement top for Solar Sippers 10007 & 10008 $13.95 $5.00 $18.95
OUTER CUP 10024 Berry red outer cup, fits Solar Sippers® and Baths $16.95 $5.00 $21.95
OUTER CUP 10027 Translucent outer cup; fits Solar Sippers® $16.95 $5.00 $21.95
INNER CUP 10025 Solar Sipper® inner cup, fits all Solar Sippers® $10.95 $5.00 $15.95

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