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Slave Graves

Just when he’s settling into his cushy job as the youngest head of a university archeology department, with a new book in the works, and a sophisticated girlfriend, Frank Light is sent to a backwater town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore to assess a construction site belonging to rich industrialist and TV personality, Jake Tement as a favor to the university president.

Upset that his comfortable routine has been upended, Frank hopes to check the site, decide it’s of no historical importance, and get on with his life. But, things come unglued when he learns that the site is quite possibly a slave burial ground. With the help of Maggie Davis, one of his former students who is now a state archeologist, and Jefferson Allingham, a local preacher who is certain of the historical importance of the site, Frank finds himself at a crucial point in his life; should he just sign off on the site as Tement wants, or should he seek the truth.

Slave Graves by Thomas Hollyday is a tense drama, with the rich history of rural eastern Maryland woven seamlessly into a story that has more than enough action. I was particularly impressed with the way the author used Frank’s experiences in the Vietnam War to move the story forward to a most satisfying conclusion.

For readers who are interested in some of the lesser known aspects of American history, this book is a gold mine of information, from the history of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, to the little known southern sympathies held by many rural Marylanders during the Civil War. The action is built, step by careful step ending in a dramatic, but satisfying conclusion. History and mystery, when well written as this book is, are a sure-fire good read.

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Slave Graves

THOMAS HOLLYDAY, Happy Bird Corporation, Weston, MA, paperback, (285p)
ISBN: 0-9741287-0-8

BookWire Review
November 24, 2004

Thomas Hollyday writes this novel against a modern setting. Dr. Frank Light, a famous archaeologist, is called to give his opinion on a shipwreck site at River Sunday in Maryland, over which Jake Terment, a rich businessman wants to build a bridge. Jake is a suave but unscrupulous person who wants Dr. Light to merely look at it as a formality, and he intends to go ahead with his plan regardless of the outcome of the survey.

Assisting Dr. Light are Maggie Davis, the state Archaeologist and a Pastor Jefferson, a black preacher. These two care about the site and Dr. Light also begins to share their convictions and the sense of responsibility towards the historical significance of the place.

What they discover is the most shocking part of the book and to reveal it would be to ruin it. However, Jake Terment wants to proceed with his construction, against Dr. Light & Co’s wishes, and amidst protests from a nature conservation group headed by Birdey Pond.

The climax of the story is how Jake Terment tries to go ahead and the ironic manner in which he meets his end.

A book worth reading for its vivid imagery and value system; it is hard to think that all of it is mere fiction, and it makes you want to actually visit the intriguing site.

Slave Graves Romance Mystery Novel

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Slave Graves An expensive real estate development is halted when contractors find an ancient relic. The State of Maryland insists archeologists must determine the historical value of the site before construction proceeds.

Frank Light, a famous archeologist, is sent by his university to study the site, a mudflat on an old farm. The relic appears to be part of an old ship but a local black pastor insists the site covers a graveyard for slaves.

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Slave Graves – River Sunday Romance Mysteries Book 1

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