Solar Sipper Model 10007

The Solar Sipper Model 1007 is the best product for clean, fresh drinking water for wild birds on the market today. Unlike a birdbath, it covers the water to keep it clean.

The patented design insulates to keep water cooler in the summer and warmer in winter. It heats with a unique solar design against winter ice.

In winter, simply fill with warm water, place in winter sun and the Solar Sipper will remain unfrozen all day to 20 degrees F.

A natural product that combines wind protection, solar heating and insulation. A unique safe environmentally responsible outdoor water station for use with your backyard pets, birds and wildlife at the same time as you prepare you daily indoor pet water and food dishes. Works all day better than open bowl to give animals the same loving daily fresh water your indoor pets receive. In winter sunlight passive solar top provides radiant sun heat to keep water ice free to 20 degrees F. Easy to clean. Top protects water from bacteria. Portable and safe with no electric wires to chew. Check out Google for recent “solar sipper tests 21415” for performance video in winter storms. Another innovative product from Happy Bird Corporation home of Thomas Hollyday Chesapeake fiction, nature books and environmental safe water products all listed on

* passive solar top attracts sun heat to keep water ice free to 20 degrees F
* top covers water to help keep it free of bacteria
* insulation keeps water cool in summer, warm in winter

Length: 8.5″
Height: 3″
Width: 8.5″

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