Solar Sipper Commercial Model 10011

A delightful summer and winter outdoor watering device for wild birds, pets, and wildlife. A waterer incorporating wind protection, solar heating and insulation. Unique and safe non electric environmentally responsible outdoor water station for use at the same time as you prepare you daily indoor pet water and food dishes.

Works all day better than open bowl to give animals the same loving daily fresh water your indoor pets receive. In winter sunlight passive solar top provides radiant sun heat to keep water ice free to 15 degrees F. In summer shade keeps water cooler and cleaner. Easy to clean. Top protects water from bacteria.

Portable with no wires to chew.

* Top covers water to keep it clean from droppings
* Build in air insulation keeps water warm in winter and cool in summer
* insulation keeps water cool in summer, warm in winter
* Special design top allows passive solar heating while animals can access water


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