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Give outdoor animals the same loving daily fresh water your indoor pets receive.

The Solar Sipper is a delightful summer and winter portable watering device for wild birds, pets and wildlife. Its traditional common sense origin comes from large water tanks painted with black tops developed by prairie livestock ranchers in the Old West to use sunlight to keep drinking water from freezing too soon in blizzard weather.


In today’s environmentally conscious world, it’s a responsible outdoor water station because it is designed to work in daytime when most animals like to drink. It’s designed to work to a temperature healthy for animals, about 20 degrees F, using sunlight not electricity from fossil fuels.


To use, fill with clean water in morning and place outside in sunlight sheltered from wind in time for animal daylight drinking. Works in all seasons and in winter the unique patented passive solar top design keeps pet or wildlife drinking for most daylight hours ice free down to wind free ambient air temperature of about 20 degree F. Safe, no electricity to shock. It’s common sense. You can fill your Solar Sipper with clean water at the same time as you prepare your daily indoor pet water.


The Solar Sipper works better than any open water bowl or birdbath where animals may bathe. Its top design helps to keep inside water from droppings and trash. It’s portable with no wire to chew. Check out test results for performance video in winter storms. Google at solar sipper tests 21415.


Another innovative product from Happy Bird Corporation, home of Thomas Hollyday Chesapeake fiction, useful nature books and environmental safe drinking water products for animals, and blogs on water resources for animals. Write our president  Tom Hollyday at


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Slave Graves

Just when he’s settling into his cushy job as the youngest head of a university archeology department, with a new book in the works, and a sophisticated girlfriend, Frank Light is sent to a backwater town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore to assess a construction site belonging to rich industrialist and TV personality, Jake Tement as a favor to the university president.

Upset that his comfortable routine has been upended, Frank hopes to check the site, decide it’s of no historical importance, and get on with his life. But, things come unglued when he learns that the site is quite possibly a slave burial ground. With the help of Maggie Davis, one of his former students who is now a state archeologist, and Jefferson Allingham, a local preacher who is certain of the historical importance of the site, Frank finds himself at a crucial point in his life; should he just sign off on the site as Tement wants, or should he seek the truth.

Slave Graves by Thomas Hollyday is a tense drama, with the rich history of rural eastern Maryland woven seamlessly into a story that has more than enough action. I was particularly impressed with the way the author used Frank’s experiences in the Vietnam War to move the story forward to a most satisfying conclusion.

For readers who are interested in some of the lesser known aspects of American history, this book is a gold mine of information, from the history of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, to the little known southern sympathies held by many rural Marylanders during the Civil War. The action is built, step by careful step ending in a dramatic, but satisfying conclusion. History and mystery, when well written as this book is, are a sure-fire good read.

Slave Graves on Amazon

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Happy Bird DLXSS Deluxe Wild Bird Solar Sipper

Review posted by Asukale


Great Bird Sipper for 20 Degrees and Above

I love this bird sipper, I do bring it in at night though if it is going to get below 20 degrees to be on the safe side. The instructions said it won’t damage it if I don’t, but the birds don’t drink at night anyway so I do bring it in.

The birds figured it out in two days.

You don’t have to take it apart to refill it unless you want to and there are instructions on how to take it apart to clean it. The fingers positioning is tricky, but I managed it after two tries and didn’t spill anything putting it back together.

The lid does fit snugly.

Great product.

Happy Bird DLXSS Deluxe Wild Bird Solar Sipper on Amazon

Solar Sippers Order Form

Solar Sipper Product Listing

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China Trade Brig John Gilpin
by Thomas Hollyday

Thomas Hollyday invested years of research in order to brought to light information showing that this gallant ship was lost off Staten Island in a snowstorm.

Read the exciting account of her voyages and her loss.

Eight page article reprint complete with accounts of cargo
by Thomas Hollyday

Price: $15.00

To order, send a request with cash, check or money order to the address below.

Happy Bird Corporation
P.O. Box 86
Weston, MA 02493

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Solar Sipper Mounting Bracket

The Solar Sipper Mounting Bracket allows you to mount your Solar Sipper bird / pet watering station up off the ground. This could be ideal if you have birds which are stalked by cats and need a safer location from which to drink.

The mounting bracket is made of strong metal and comes with the mounting hardware. It securely holds the Solar Sipper unit at whatever height or location you wish.

Here are examples of the Garden Blue Solar Sipper both without and then with the mounting bracket, to show how it works.

Solar Sipper Mounting Bracket on Amazon

Solar Sippers Order Form

Solar Sipper Product Listing

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Research Data:
Report to Happy Bird Corporation on
Predicted Water Temperatures in the new Solar Sipper
(Model 10040)

Compiled by John Duffy, J. J. Associates, Winchester, MA – 1 June 1998

I have been developing a mathematical model of the thermal performance of solar sippers under various weather conditions. I have also been monitoring the temperatures of solar sippers during winter conditions on the front steps of my house on a number of days. Comparisons of performance of the “old” and “new” sippers have been made as well as predictions as to “How cold can it get before the water in the sippers freezes?” I wish to summarize the results of these measurements and analyses.

The methodology of the study briefly was: – Develop a mathematical model of the temperature of water in a solar sipper based on principle of heat transfer, taking into account effects of solar irradiation, ambient temperatures and wind, initial water temperature, sipper material properties that affect solar transmission and heat transfer – Adjust some of the thermal parameters in the model so that the predicted temperatures match closely the measured water temperatures on a typical sunny winter day (specifically Feb 6th, 1998) – Use the model to predict the performance of both the “old” (black top and red sides [Model 10008]) and “new” (HDPE clear top and sides with black interiors [Model 10040]) sippers under other simulated weather conditions

It is important to point out that the thermal performance of the sipper in reality is a function of many variables. Specifically, on any given day the following can affect the temperature of the water:  – day of the year (affects incident sun angles) – geographic location of the sipper (also affects incident sun angles) – degree of cloudiness – degree of shading from external objects (e.g. buildings, trees) – wind speed around the sippers – temperature of whatever is underneath the sipper (ground, wood, air, etc.) – initial temperature of the water – how much water is in the sipper (I would recommend filling to the lip of the lid), and, of course – ambient temperature (which typically varies over the day)

Obviously, if I systematically varied all of the above parameters to find the combinations predicted to result in no freezing of water, the number of such combinations would be very large and difficult to apply for a customer. Even though I have simplified the simulation to keep the results straightforward, it is important to keep in mind the limitations of the results described below.

In the simulations, I kept all weather conditions as on the day I measured the actual sipper water temperature (i.e. a clear February 6th near Boston with no measurable wind near the sippers) and varied only the ambient temperature until the simulated water temperature reached 32 F. The simulated initial water temperature was 63 F, but the results were independent of the initial water temperature. For the “old” sipper (Model 10008) with a constant simulated ambient temperature of 20F, no freezing took place during daylight hours. For the “new” HDPE sipper (Model 10040), the constant ambient temperature could go down to 14 F.

Constant ambient temperatures during the daylight hours are of course very rare and therefore not too realistic. Consequently, I searched a weather database for some recorded hourly weather data to use with the simulation model. The database is called WYEC2, and is available from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, CO, and is made up of actual historical weather records with different months from different years pieced together to represent a typical meteorological year. I found the coldest day of the year for Boston (a relatively clear January 12th) and entered the ambient temperatures for the day and adjusted the model clear sky solar irradiation to match the daily total irradiation on the horizontal in the database.

The average ambient temperature during the daylight hours varied from 7 F to 18 F and averaged 13 F. The new HDPE solar sipper (Model 10040) water did not freeze during daylight hours.

Solar Sipper Water Products

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